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Johnny Damon: "I'm not going," "I love playing for Detroit."

Johnny Damon told the media (as first reported by's Jason Beck):

"I'm not going."

Damon had told the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo earlier in the day he planned to speak with the Tigers' front office this afternoon about his playing time in Detroit and a few other issues. Apparently the team told him what he wanted to hear.

So a little more than 24 hours after it began, it appears Boston's waiver claim on Damon is all for nothing.


Updates as necessary.

5:15 p.m. update:

A few more comments from Damon"

"Going to Boston could have helped out my free agency for next year, but so be it." (via's Tom Gage)

"I'm not going to jump ship on these guys. That's the easy way out." (via's Bob Wojnowski)

"I like wearing the Old English D," he said, "and I hope to again. I can't say it enough." (via's Jason Beck)

"I’ve said all along I love playing for Detroit, for the city, for the fans. These guys really like me here." (via's John Lowe)

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