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BYB welcomes Matt Wallace

When I came on board at Bless You Boys, I wanted to put together the best team I could. That remains a work in progress, of course, as I continually try to add the best voices in Tigers coverage to the site. Today, I'm happy to note we took another big step toward that goal.

Matt Wallace, who has authored Take 75 North for years, has decided to join the BYB staff as our chief minor league writer as soon as this season is over. Until then, you can keep checking his site for all the great stories past and future.

For many readers, Wallace needs no introduction. He is the calm, intelligent voice of reason when it comes to watching over the Tigers' farm system. That his perch is in Toledo is all the better, as he has the opportunity to watch the Mud Hens whenever he pleases.

I am confident he and David Tokarz will make Bless You Boys your No. 1 source for Tigers minor league coverage.

So please give Matt -- mattintoledo is his BYB name -- a big welcome!