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Jim Leyland, like all of us, expects a fun offseason

He ain't going anywhere.

So Tigers manager Jim Leyland may as well dream a little bit about the years to come. I mean, that's what we're doing, right?

Before the game Sunday, Leyland told reporters this offseason should be the most exciting since he took over the team in 2006 -- and we all remember what happened off 2007, so that's a pretty tall order.

"Our ballclub has the chance to get real good, real quick. It appears we have some -- now, I say some -- money to spend. I'm not talking about foolish money and stuff, but I think this club has the chance to get real good, real fast."

He added that if the Tigers were looking for someone with experience managing the bunch after his contract expires in 2011, he might know a guy. Named Jim Leyland, actually. Maybe you've heard of him.

As for talking about the offseason, BYB will dive into that in earnest after the season. Writing during the offseason is hard enough, don't want to use up my best stuff in September!

In other news:

  • For Samara's sketchy awesomeness today, Ryan Raburn is carrying August!
  • Matt Wallace, whom you recall will be joining BYB officially during the offseason -- has a look at how strong Jacob Turner has been in recent weeks.
  • Motor City Bengals writes that all signs point to Brandon Inge remaining a Tiger after the August trade deadline Tuesday. I agree, that's why I haven't written much about it. I really don't think there's any doubt.
  • Rogo wrote some bad poetry (his words!) at Designate Robertson.
  • Jim Hawkins wrote that Jhonny Peralta has 7.25 million reasons for wanting to stay in Detroit.