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Bobby Seay schedules shoulder surgery, will miss 2011

The Free Press reported this afternoon lefty relief pitcher Bobby Seay will have surgery on his throwing shoulder in about two weeks. The surgery will not be on the rotator cuff, however. It will be on his labrum, John Lowe wrote.

Seay is in the last year of his contract with Detroit. He will miss the entire 2011 season.

Seay, you'll recall, has been a key member of the Tigers' bullpen in the past. It was reported in March he had a partial tear in the rotator cuff of his pitching shoulder. His options were basically to rehab it, or to have possibly career-ending surgery.

Seay told Lowe that the surgery he is now set for, and the associated rehab, will leave his arm feeling like that of someone in their mid-20s if everything goes well.

He would like to continue to play for the Tigers, he added.

"My main thing is to wear a Tigers uniform again and get big outs for Jim Leyland," Seay said in a phone interview today.