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Morning Prowl: Guillen will play anywhere, Porcello may not play Wednesday

Carlos Guillen has seemingly played every position but pitcher and catcher for the Tigers. Moving all over the infield, then to the outfield, then back to the infield, he'd pretty much done whatever the Tigers ask him to. He hasn't done it completely without complaint, but for the most part he's been willing to do what the team needs him to do.

Now, he says, he's even happy to DH if the Tigers need him to. (This is significant because last year, he told the press that he wanted to be more involved in the game by playing in the field.)

Guillen, quoted at

"I like playing baseball. t doesn't matter where. Things happen. It could be the DH. I'd be OK with any position. I just want to stay healthy."

Guillen will have season-ending surgery to look closer at his knee, which was injured when he was on the receiving end of a hard slide in August.

Porcello questionable

While I'm doing a quick news roundup, Rick Porcello is questionable for Wednesday's start, Jim Leyland says. If Porcello cannot go, either Armando Galarraga will move up in the rotation or Alfredo Figaro will make a spot start.

Porcello hurt a finger while throwing a pitch last start, he told

"I threw a curveball, it just felt like a twinge. It felt like I jammed my finger a little bit. But it's not anything to be concerned about."

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