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West Michigan loses in Round 1 of the Midwest League Playoffs

Right, so the minor league season has officially ended for Tigers affiliates with the loss of Class A West Michigan. Below are the recaps for all three games.

Game 1: Lake County 4, West Michigan 2

Victor Larez gave up four runs over 6.1 innings of work on nine hits, a walk and a homer with four strikeouts. Zach Samuels struck out one in 1.2 innings of hitless work. Corey Jones was 2-4 with a double.

Game 2: West Michigan 8, Lake County 0

Trevor Feeney dominated Lake County, going 8.1 innings and allowing a mere two walks and four hits with six strikeouts. The offense also worked overtime. Jamie Johnson was 2-4 with two walks, Corey Jones was 3-6 and both Tony Plagman and Rob Brantly were 3-5.

Game 3: Lake County 3, West Michigan 2

Odd that West Mich outscored Lake County and yet still lost. Guess pitching does matter in the playoffs, no matter the level. Speaking of pitching, Jared Wesson gave up two runs on five hits (one homer) and a walk with seven strikeouts. The offense just couldn't get it done. Wade Gaynor was 2-3 with a walk and Jeff Rowland was 2-3. Three other Flying Tigers got a base.

Also of note: Scot Drucker (who blogs at won the Helping Hens Player of the Year award for serving the Toledo community. Congrats to Scot, and it's nice to see he's a great guy, even off the mound. Also of note (though more of a buisness one than anything else): Connecticut will remain a Detroit short season affiliate through 2012. Good news for C-Tiger fans!