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Scott Sizemore recalled by Detroit Tigers

There was some question what exactly Scott Sizemore did to fall out of favor so quickly with the Tigers. Sure his first trip to the major leagues was not a good one. Five months after breaking his ankle, he hit poorly, fielded awkwardly and had one or two "welcome to the big leagues" lowlight reel moments. He wouldn't be the first player to have a bad month and won't be the last.

John Wagner of the Toledo Blade reported on Twitter that Sizemore received word after his game today: He's returning to Detroit. That was probably a big sigh of relief.

Of course, while he's been gone -- hitting for a .293 average / .831 OPS in Triple A -- a former teammate of his, Will Rhymes, stepped up and laid a solid claim to second base. Meanwhile Brandon Inge doesn't seem to be ceding third base. So it's going to be up to manager Jim Leyland to find Sizemore a little elbow room, and it will be imperative of Sizemore to make the most of it heading into the offseason.'s Jason Beck has more, including some quotes from Sizemore.