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Armando Galarraga signed, designated for assignment hours later

Just hours after being signed to an arbitration-avoiding $2.3 million contract, the Tigers announced he would be designated for assignment to make room for righthander Brad Penny on the 40-man roster.

This is obviously fluid and we'll definitely have more information later.


The short version is, the Tigers feel like Armando Galarraga is a starter, not a reliever. They will attempt to trade him to a team he can start for. If that doesn't happen, he cannot decline a minor league assignment due to his contract situation. (He could also be released before the season begins at a substantial cost savings).

If he does remain with the organization -- long shot there -- there's a chance he could compete for the rotation. But again, long shot. Why's that? They think Brad Penny was a significant upgrade and feel like their rotation is set: Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello, Coke, Penny.

As far as signing him to a contract earlier today goes, that's because they wanted to avoid arbitration. Today was the day teams and players must submit their salary figures. So if a deal could be done, great. But it's not related to making him more tradeable or anything like that.

There will be a more complete story later, but that's a quick summation of what president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said on his conference call this afternoon.