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Announcing the Detroit Tigers Annual 2011

I've been sitting on this news for, oh, months now. Now I can finally tell you.

The Bless You Boys staff, along with some of your favorite online Tigers writers and a couple of other big names have been working hard this winter to put together the Maple Street Press Detroit Tigers Annual 2011. The finishing touches -- or re-touches, given today's news -- are being put together and it will be available on news stands March 1.

You can pre-order it at the MSP website right now.

I am the main editor for the book and contributed about 25% of the content, but there is absolutely no way I could have done it without the support of an amazing Tigers blogosphere, as well as a wonderful Bless You Boys staff. We've all poured countless hours into this project, and I'm very proud with how the results have been so far.

I'll have a more detailed post a bit closer to the release date, but I just want to whet your tastebuds with a sample of the names who have been involved.

  • John Parent and Matt Snyder of Motor City Bengals
  • Mike Rogers, Matt Wallace, David Tokarz and especially the editing help of Allison Hagen, all of your very own Bless You Boys.
  • Lee Panas of Tiger Tales and Beyond Batting Average, one of Baseball America's top 10 books of 2010.
  • Bill Ferris of TigsTown, formerly of Detroit Tigers Weblog
  • Mike McClary of The Daily Fungo
  • Ian Casselberry of SB Nation Detroit and Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew.
  • Q&As with Phil Coke and Max St. Pierre, with interviews by Baseball Prospectus' David Laurila (formerly of like half an hour south of Marquette, actually).
  • Interviews with Jacob Turner, Scot Drucker, Robbie Weinhardt, Casper Wells and's Jason Beck that helped contribute to stories.
  • Tom Gage of the Detroit News, with interviews with several people who knew Ernie Harwell
  • Will Rhymes of your very own Detroit Tigers, with a piece on Will Rhymes of your very own Detroit Tigers

We've got sections looking ahead to 2011, a glance at the farm system, and reflecting on what Ernie, Sparky and others meant to the organization and its fans.

So that's why we've been a bit busy around here at times as we put together a 128-page, full color book along with the wonderful staff of Maple Street Press.

I hope you'll pre-order a copy, and I know you'll enjoy it!