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The 2011 BYB Meet-Up: Mark your calendars

DETROIT - How can you resist this scene? Come hang out with us!
DETROIT - How can you resist this scene? Come hang out with us!

Based on the results of the poll I took about a month ago, we've decided to hold this year's meet-up on Saturday, July 16. This game currently has a 4:10pm start time - it will be on big Fox, maybe we'll be on national TV! Hopefully those of you who couldn't make it last year due to holiday obligations can make it this year.

Group tickets go on sale in a couple weeks. If you are seriously interested in going this year, please respond to the poll below so that I can estimate how many seats we'll need. The amount I have to put down for a deposit is based on that estimate; hopefully you guys can get me your ticket money ASAP because I'll probably be spending more this year.

As far as seats are concerned, to make things easy I am going to try to put us back in section 114, or at least in the Lower Baseline Box area along the first baseline. The location was good last year; it's shady (which will be even better now that the game is an afternoon start) with a good view and not too expensive (seating chart here). Since the game is vs. the White Sox, it comes with the premium seat price. Tickets will be $35 per person. If you do not wish to spend this much, by all means purchase your own ticket elsewhere and hang out with us before/after the game! Hopefully getting this info up early will help ensure room in everyone's budgets.

Thanks folks, once I make the deposit I will update with PayPal info and an address for those who prefer to send in checks.

ETA: I almost forgot, if you're planning on bringing someone(s) please comment and let me know.