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TigerFest prowl: What We Learned

Four days of the Tigers barnstorming the lower half of Michigan (and Toledo) are now complete. The players are now thawing out and heading home. So let's prowl around the interviews (all found here) and news stories, and see what we learned.

  • Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski eats a lot.
    For the record, I had two sandwiches, one bag of chips, then two cookies, THEN a hot dog. Made me feel good.
  • Manager Jim Leyland is happy about the mix of younger players and veterans, but says it's the "studs" like Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez and Victor Martinez will who be the deciding factor.
  • Starters who could get their feet wet this year are Charles Furbush and Brayan Villarreal. Andy Oliver should be back in Detroit at some point.
  • Leyland dislikes on-base percentage, but he really likes slugging average.
    Leyland: I like the guys that knock them in.
  • The batting order:
    Austin Jackson
    Magglio Ordonez
    Miguel Cabrera
    Victor Martinez
    Jhonny Peralta
    Brennan Boesch / Ryan Raburn / Clete Thomas
    Brandon Inge
    Alex Avila
  • Ryan Raburn might hit second.
    "A really talented player that has never really had a lot of confidence in himself," Leyland said.
  • Carlos Guillen, even when healthy, will not hit second. Will Rhymes might.
    Leyland: "A guy you use to bunt a little bit and move some runners. Raburn is a power bat in the two slot."
  • Justin Verlander will start opening day. Max Scherzer will start the season's third game and the home opener at Comerica Park. The rest is undecided, or unannounced anyway.
  • Phil Coke deserves more airtime. Like, lots more airtime. He owned the stage and entertained the entire time. If you only watch one interview from the day, go watch that one. You won't be disappointed.
    Coke: "I know the Yankees are a pain in everybody's side, but man, the White Sox, they suck. And we're going to show the Twins that they suck, too. Just so you guys know, I want to make sure that that's clear."
  • Coke can't wait to prove the doubters wrong.
  • Tigers fans don't mind the cold. The announced attendance was 8,182.
  • Top pitching prospect Jacob Turner should start off at Double-A Erie this year.
  • Ryan Perry needs a haircut.
  • Austin Jackson should just be given the nickname "GQ."
  • Joel Zumaya grew up a Padres fan; Rick Porcello a Mets fan.
  • Anything we forgot? Remind us in the comments!