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Playoff Prowl: Rain, rain, go away, little Jhonny wants to play

Twitter / @tigers
Game 2 of the @Yankees and @tigers moves to Sun on TNT at 3pm

ALDS 2011: Rain makes mess of Game 1 - ESPN
The MLB blames the weather forecast. The best line belongs to Justin Verlander, though. "Hopefully we come in (tonight) and Doug finishes the no-hitter."

MLB struck out Friday night - Fox Sports Detroit
Mike O'Hara points out what the rest of us saw in the forecast: Rain. Lots of it. So aren't MLB officials trying to rewrite history through Crasnick's story?

Rainout (Over)Reaction: The Daily Fungo
Mike McClary's advice: Check the Weather Channel next time!

A little postseason chaos adds intrigue - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
"The most unpredictable series of the first round just became about 10,000 times more difficult to predict," David Schoenfield writes. He goes on to say his first instinct is that this games the rotation edge to Detroit in just about every game, though it's not an ideal situation for anybody.

Yankees Could Be Worse Off in Rain Out - Motor City Bengals - A Detroit Tigers blog
Garret tackled the question of how this suspension of the game affects the both teams. (Settle in, this is obviously going to be a popular topic for writers who had nothing else to write about due to the 1.5 inning game.) He does fear Max Scherzer in Yankee Stadium, concludes this is still worse for New York.

Ripple effects from suspended opener benefit Detroit Tigers - Ted Keith -
Here's another vote for the rainout being an advantage for the Tigers.

Tigers have little experience against Yankees rookie right-hander Ivan Nova |
One worry about facing Ivan Nova: Detroit just doesn't know a whole lot about him. They've watched the video but that only helps so much.

MLB -- Award winners of 2011 Major League Baseball season - ESPN
Jayson Stark picked JV for the MVP and Cy Young, too. We're going to have to find some new scarecrows to battle at this rate.

Yankees/Tigers Rainout Forces Plans To Change For Many - Baseball Nation
Bleed Cubbie Blue and Baseball Nation blogger Al Yellen thought he'd pulled off a coup in getting a ticket to the first game of the ALDS while he was in New York on business. Turns out, he'll be back in Chicago by the time the game starts, but had a good time while it lasted.

The Trade That Molded The 2011 Postseason - Baseball Nation
While I'm at it, I'll also point you toward Yellon's take on the trade that put three teams into the postseason.

NY Post sports cover
"To be continued" was the best they could come up with? Post, you disappoint me. A story was headlined "Aces in the hole." Are they even trying? The most exciting part about playing the Yankees is looking at the Post!

Yankees Daily Briefing 10/01/11 - Yankees Blog - ESPN New York
Basically a Yankees links roundup. Great starting point.

New York Yankees' five keys to beating Detroit Tigers in ALDS - ESPN New York
Well, they're all kind of obvious, but OK. I'll do the Tigers version. "Tigers must have more runs than New York at the conclusion of three games."

Lions OR Tigers ... oh my! -- Fox Sports Detroit
Dave Dye asks an important question: Who you going to watch on Sunday, the Lions or Tigers? Unfortunately, their games now overlap.

Brewers' Biggest Opponent May Be Packers -
Our neighbors to the west (or south) have similar problems when deciding what to do with their remotes tomorrow.

Yankees-Tigers Game Suspended by Rain - Will Pick Up Saturday -
It's fitting that the game was interrupted by rain, the Times writs. They've already had weather bother 22 games. Nine were rained out.

Justin Verlander, Ryan Braun lead - Jon Heyman -
Heyman announced his MVPs for both leagues. And guess what? He picked Verlander. As for the NL pick, that's a bit of a surprise, to be honest.

MLB -- Award winners of 2011 Major League Baseball season - ESPN
Jayson Stark picked JV for the MVP and Cy Young, too. We're going to have to find some new scarecrows to battle at this rate.

Bizarre scene reigns, er, rains over Tigers' series opener | The Detroit News
How bizarre, how bizarre, to bring up a 90s earwig.

Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: Playoff Predictions
Lee likes the Tigers to win the series. And this guy knows baseball. So I like that prediction!