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Confidence ahead of ALDS ran strong

ALDS confidence poll
ALDS confidence poll

I should have calculated our confidence poll before the ALDS opened. But, well, I'm only an inning and half late on that one. As you see in our chart, I just drew a line and started over with a new dot. Confidence came in at 71.8 points when you include all the votes. (That's what I did on the chart.) It was around 81 if you dropped the 0s and 10s because you assumed Yankees fans and/or trolls were showing up to vote 0.

Overall, I think the poll was right about where you'd expect for the opening playoff series. BYB voters were feeling pretty good about the series, as they should. But they weren't blindly fanatical in their votes, either. So a 72 vote shows realistic optimism.

Our next poll will open after the completion of the ALDS.