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Playoff Prowl: A dry day in Arlington, and the last stop for Magglio Ordonez?

The ALCS logo was all wet, Arlington was not.
The ALCS logo was all wet, Arlington was not.

Some of these links were gathered before the Tigers announced Delmon Young will replace Magglio Ordonez on the ALCS roster. Visit those links anyway, there's some great Tigers sites out there.

ALCS Game One: A Fun Disaster -- No Run Support
Alli was in Arlington for the first ALCS game and reports back on her adventures.

Tigers turn to Scherzer to changeup series - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
Scherzer used his changeup 26% of the time against the Yankees, but earlier in the season used that pitch just 15% of the time against the Rangers. Too many sliders and fastballs could be trouble, so he'd better keep pitching like he's going against New York.

Out of Left Field: Tigers: Rotation will stay the same for ALCS
In case you wonder if Justin Verlander could make a surprise appearance earlier in the playoff series due to his start being cut short, it appears the answer to that is "no." Nothing will change, Matthew B Mowery reports.

We all want to know, did they ever see the rain? -- The Detroit News
Not a drop fell during the time the Rangers and Tigers would have been playing baseball.

MLB to Rangers and Tigers fans: Drop Dead - Lone Star Ball
The fans in Texas are just as madder -- maybe some madder -- than we are about this Non-rain-gate. The MLB can't help but give itself a black eye no matter what it does, can it?

ALCS Game 2 postponed due to rain that has yet to arrive - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Not only were the fields crew watering the field, but Elvis Andrus let us know he was wearing sunglasses.

Broken ankle ends postseason for Magglio, maybe more -- Beck's Blog
Magglio twisted it during batting practice. A real setback after working his way back to such good conditioning and after having a nice start to the playoffs.

There have been some reports on Twitter Magglio will have the ankle checked out but is considering retirement.

Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: Ordonez out for season
Lee points out: The next best right-handed hitting outfielder available is Ben Guez , who batted a combined .284/.345/.438 for Erie and Toledo. I'm not sure if the Tigers think he's ready for the majors or even he's baseball ready at the moment, but this would be one heck of a way to make a major League debut.

How Do You Replace Magglio Ordonez? - Motor City Bengals
Like Lee, Chris Hannum tries to think about possible replacements for Magglio Ordonez on the playoff roster. He comes up with a lot of the same names and a lot of the same problems. But uses a lot more words. (Does David Tokarz have a nom de plume?