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Playoff Prowl: On baseball's stupidness, Andy Dirks, big boppers and more

The morning slog. It's always a slog after a loss.

DesigNate Robertson: Baseball Is Stupid
The headline says it all.

Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: Middle of Order Failing Tigers
Lee agrees with my take: the Folks who hit the ball all season better break out of their funks soon or the Rangers will be celebrating at Comerica Park.

Avila, Tigers falling flat with the bats | The Detroit News
Tony Paul on Alex Avila, the middle hitters, Omir Santos, Max Scherzer and the Lamontroversy.

Andy Dirks is not to blame for Game 2 loss -- The Detroit News
Seriously, who was blaming Andy Dirks? I've seen a lot of pissed off Tigers fans. I've seen anger at Gene Lamont for not sending Ramon Santiago home. I've seen anger at Jim Leyland for, well, pretty much everything last night. I've even seen the regular Perry hatred that seems to show up whenever he pitches. (To be fair, there's really not much of it going around today.) But Dirks? Have not seen anyone blame him.

Detroit Tigers' Andy Dirks: I put Ryan Perry in tough spot with dropped fly ball -- MLive
Dirks does think the ball should have been caught, however. Can't really argue. But by the time the game reached the 11th inning I think most Tigers fans knew how it was going to end up.

Not a miraculous recovery for Tigers' Delmon Young -- Detroit Free Press
Kevin Rand says Delmon Young recovered on about the timetable he expected. However, he declined to comment on how he felt after the game, and Jim Leyland isn't sure who's going to be in tonight's lineup.

Out of Left Field: Rangers pitching very carefully around Cabrera
Of course, Cabrera won't be given much chance to beat the Rangers, RonWash says. So it's going to be up to Martinez, Peralta and Avila.

Out of Left Field: Leyland explains dispute of third-inning ruling from umpires
Leyland wasn't questioning whether Martinez got hit -- impossible to tell at regular speed and he sold it by overacting that his back foot was hit -- he was questioning the process of the umpires.

the Tigers win at injuries | Roar of the Tigers
A sad "terrible cartoon" from Samara as Magglio Ordonez limps off into the sunset