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ALCS Game 3 Overflow #2 - Rangers at Tigers

Alright, the gloves are off this time

What happened so far:

  • The Rangers scored a run in the 1st inning on three hits before Doug Fister recorded an out. Josh Hamilton picked up the RBI.
  • Fister has cruised ever since, only giving up 3 hits in the next four innings.
  • The Tigers offense: non-existent, save for a Victor Martinez home run in the 4th inning. With the way this series has gone, it's no surprise that Martinez hurt himself on the play.
  • Tim McCarver can go away at any time

Topics from the previous thread:

  • "The Room" is either an awesome or horrible movie.
  • Tim Tebow makes the Lions defensive line salivate
  • Awesome baseball movies
  • Kurt tries to start more fights with Lions fans
  • Walking Dead vs. Breaking Bad? Advantage: you decide.