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Playoff Prowl: On white flags, injuries, Joel Zumaya.

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A.L.C.S. - Tigers’ Win Cuts Rangers’ Series Lead to 2-1 -
Tyler Kepner:

"For a city that takes pride in survival, the Tigers are a beacon. Bruised and broken and facing a daunting deficit in the American League Championship Series on Tuesday night, they stormed back for their first victory in three games.

"Everybody is standing on their feet, waving those white flags," Fister said. "It gives me goose bumps to remember walking off on that."

Point of order. Flags (towels) are nice to hand out to the fans, but waving a white flag gives mixed signals. Maybe a better color choice was possible?

Tigers Limp Off With a Victory - The Triangle Blog
Jonah Keri notes that Montgomery Burns' strategy still works, and Jim Leyland wisely borrowed from him.

Detroit Tigers have that never-say-die mentality - ESPN
Jerry Crasnick may have up it best: "At the moment, the Tigers are a cross between the Monty Python "I'm not dead yet" sketch and a science fiction flick in which the alien life form keeps regenerating limbs. "

Tigers still win at injuries, with a real win thrown in as an extra. | Roar of the Tigers
Samara details the walking wounded in Detroit.

Zumaya delivers game ball; hopes to return |
So I guess given everything that has gone on with Detroit and injuries, it was fitting that Joel Zumaya delivered the game ball. Zumaya would still like to contribute in Detroit. More than just delivering the game ball, that is. Also, he reports his butt is a bit chipped.

Wounded Tigers could show fight | The Detroit News
Lynn Henning wants to know: Who's going to play the role of Kirk Gibson? He sees more parallels than that when looking at the 1988 Dodgers.

Tigers Should Have Edge with Rick Porcello Versus Matt Harrison - Motor City Bengals
John Parent looks closer at Matt Harrison and explains why the Tigers might have an advantage.

Tigers offense thaws in the nick of time -- The Daily Fungo
Mike celebrates a bit, then moves on to key story lines for tonight's game.

Detroit Tigers - MLB | Rick Porcello: Rangers blast mistakes, are stronger than Yankees | The Detroit News
Are the Rangers batters better than the Yankees? Hard to say. Porcello thinks they are, but both lineups are pretty good. The Yankees may have been running more on reputation by the end of the year, though.

Twitter / @EyeOnBaseball
So will Victor Martinez be able to play today?: "I will play tomorrow unless I am dead when I wake up." A bit unclear of the concept...

Revived Austin Jackson sets tone for Tigers | The Detroit News
The big-boppers got to bop, but the Tigers do remarkably well when Austin Jackson finds a way to get a hit and set the table.