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Playoff Prowl: Sad Paws, vintage Porcello and Chet Lemon

Extra bad things happening in extra innings. | Roar of the Tigers
Sad Paws.

Instant Reaction: Insult to Injury
Extra innings are bad, mmmkay?

Tigers' crushing loss is tale of two bullpens | The Detroit News
The Rangers have one. The Tigers have a couple of guys who you trust who are running low on gas, and a boat load of players no fan wants to see take the mound.

Decisions loom large in approach to Cabrera -- Beck's Blog
Miguel Cabrera finally starts to play at his regular level and the Tigers find themselves behind 3-1 in the series anyway.

Five moves that backfired on the Tigers in Game 4 - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
There were certainly decisions that backfired. I wasn't happy about Jackson stealing, for instance. I didn't like walking Beltre either. But in an 11-inning game as random as baseball, anything can make you look like a genius or idiot.

Vintage Porcello | FanGraphs Baseball
Lost in the fact the Tigers lost was Rick Porcello's start. Right from the start, he was incredible. The Tigers and the fans want to know: How can we get this version of Porcello on the mound every 5 days?

Tigers not about to quit | The Detroit News
Current Tigers have been on both sides of a team coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the championship series portion of the playoffs. So it's not impossible and the Tigers know it. It's just ... not easy either.

Out of Left Field: Chet Lemon honored to throw out first pitch
A break from teeth-gnashing to remember happier times.