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You know the drill: Send us questions, we answer them in the BYB podcast!

Today's a badly needed and much appreciated off day in the Tigers - Rangers ALCS. The editorial staff wants to take advantage of the break in action to knock out this week's Bless You Boys Podcast. It's not as if there's much to talk about, right?

Though we won't be struggling for topics to discuss, we still need you help in putting together a podcast. Which is another way of saying, it's question time!

So you know what to do! Fire off your questions, and we'll do our damnedest to answer them in the podcast.

We do have one request. Please do your best to keep your questions on topic, specifically to the ALCS, World Series and the MLB playoffs in general. We know you love to talk about possible off season moves. So do we. But we'll have all kinds of time to cover the Tigers' strategy for 2012 after the playoffs end....which we hope won't be for a few more weeks.

Remember, there are several ways to submit a question to the BYB Podcast.

You can email your question to: BYBPodcast at Please mention your BYB handle in your message so the community knows who to blame!

Don't want to mess with email? The easiest way to get involved is to leave your question in the comments of this post.

Aren't registered to comment at BYB? Even though you should be, you can still reach us on Twitter, where the all the cool kids are making fun of Tim McCarver! Send us your question as an @ reply to our Twitter account, @BlessYouBoys.

Aren't on Twitter? Like everyone else in the universe, we're on Facebook too!

We'll do our best to get to as many of your questions as humanly possible. Your questions are a big reason why the BYB Podcast has been so successful! We very much appreciate your help!