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What are your favorite Tigers 2011 memories?

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Major League Baseball doesn't allow a lot of time for fans of a playoff baseball team to catch their breath betweeen their team's last game and the playoffs. We could be four games and a couple of days away from the free-agent period opening. It's shocking to think of that. Alas, we're going to try to take it easy for a couple of days around here and do a little bit of retrospection first.

So with that, I want you to share some of your favorite memories from the 2011 season.

Overall, I just take away what fun the past 12 months were. Thanks to editing the MSP Tigers Annual, I spent so, so many hours living with the Tigers during the offseason than I ever had before. Projecting how players might do, enjoying the personal stories that each player has, playing the season out in my head again and again to see what happens. And then on a cold winter day, it was incredible to marvel at the cover of the magazine, with the definitive words "Cabrera and friends will be contenders in 2011." Easy to say in winter. Anyone can declare a team can be contenders. In the end, they were contenders. Not playoff contenders. But legitimate contenders to win the World Series. They came up a few wins short, but what a season 2011 was.

With such a long season, so many moments run together it's almost hard to separate them in my head.

So enjoy our new blog tag line -- DEFENDING A.L. CENTRAL CHAMPIONS -- and jog our sentimental memories. What were your favorite memories and moments of 2011?