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Playoff Prowl: Hanging sliders, and sketchy results

Rare hanging slider costs Alburquerque dearly " Beck's Blog
On the pitch that resulted in Robinson Cano's grand slam: "Normally it goes straight down," Avila said. "That one didn't really do anything."

No MS Paint recap from me last night, but our good friend 111943 (I feel like I'm missing one) has got us covered.

DesigNate Robertson: Game One Final Thoughts
Rogo sums up his feelings with a photo.

feelings on this first postseason game of 2011 | Roar of the Tigers
Samara goes to the NoNoNoNo cat for hers.

Tigers start off on wrong foot but series can change in a hurry | The Detroit News
Lynn Henning notes quite correctly that there would be over reaction no matter who won last night. Also he's correct in saying a lot of that can reverse directions by the end of today's game.

Two plays in fifth inning turn tide against Tigers in ALDS Game 1 loss to Yankees |
Chris Iott details how the Tigers missed an opportunity to take the lead in the fifth, only to see the Yankees do it instead in the bottom half of the inning. Two key plays right there for sure.

With Verlander looming, Game 2 key for both --
Anthony DiComo with a preview of this afternoon's game.

Michael Rosenberg: So which Max Scherzer will show up today? | Detroit Free Press
Rosey asks the same question we do: Which Max Scherzer will we get? The good one shows why people say the Tigers have a good playoff rotation. The bad one may as well let Brad Penny pitch.

Three questions with Tigers TV analyst Rod Allen | Detroit Free Press |
Rod talks about Scherzer, the fifth inning and Brandon Inge

Observing the Tigers and Yankees... Fan Base - Motor City Bengals
Bryan Craves comments on differences between the Yankees and Tigers fan bases.

On Fister, Dombrowski refused to accept 'no' -
This is interesting. Former Tigers beat writer Danny Knobler writes that Fister was the pitcher Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski hoped to acquire all along. He kept asking, Seattle kept refusing, until he wore them down and got the deal done. 25 phone calls? Don't the Mariners have caller ID? - Casselbloggy - The desktop power of Papa Grande
Our friend Ian Casselbloggy, er, -berry shares his desktop image: a celebrating potato.

NY Post cover: Cano Mercy
That's pretty boring. The front page cover about protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge is a lot more fun. "$#!T HITS THE SPAN." Now that's entertainment.

Cano's slam puts Tigers in big hole - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Dave Schoenfield notes that Cano is good, and that Doug Fister was a bit unlucky as well. (Of course, that's baseball.)

Robinson Cano has redefined Bombers' lineup - ESPN New York
Of course as you'd expect, Cano is all the rage on New York sites today after having a 6 RBI game.