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Tigers fans enjoyed 2011, look forward to 2012

2011 confidence
2011 confidence

Today, I share the results of our final BYB Fan Confidence Poll of the 2011 season. This is the first year we've used the idea of a confidence poll on BYB. (We did have an automated fan confidence poll that arrived in 2010, but I wanted more control over how it ran this year, so that's when it launched in earnest.) So hopefully we've learned a bit along the way.

One thing I've learned is that the comments on the open thread are more interesting than the poll itself. At the end of the week, you end up with a number -- our final poll came in at about 84.2, a bit higher without the insane 0 votes -- but having the context of comments adds so much to it.

So in that aspect, rather than write any more words about the 2011 season, I thought I'd hand the podium to some of your comments:


Seriously, even though I picked the Tigers to win their division, they have exceeded all my expectations for them for the season. Beating the Yankees again is so incredible. Just a couple of pieces and we could have a nice run for the next few years.


The 2011 Tigers were a helluva ride, and I’ve loved following them this season.


This team provided a lot of excitement for Tiger fans this year. Hated to see them lose to the rangers but with a few clutch hits the Tigers would be in the series. Confidence is high for me.


If you would have told me during spring training that the Tigers would easily win the Central and beat the Yankees first round of the playoffs, I would have been doing cart wheels.


It’s an incredibly solid team with a couple of holes to fill. I can’t wait until April in the D!


We’re left with a few questions headed forward, but we’re in much better shape than we were last year at this time. Unless crazy stuff happens in the Central, I would think we’ll be heavy favorites.

and the last word goes to ...


Really excited for 2012.

OK the final word goes to me. I plan to open the confidence poll on the 1st and 15th of each month November through the end of March, then return to weekly polls beginning April 1.