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State of the Bless You Boys Podcast and a request for questions

Your ever vigilant BYB staff is going to record the latest episode of the Bless You Boys Podcast tonight. As is the norm, we want to include your questions in the show.

But first, a state of the podcast address.

Year 1 of the BYB Podcast has been a roaring success, much in thanks to your participation...and the fact many of you actually download and listen helps, too.

But with the MLB season on the verge of coming to an end (as soon as Tony LaRussa makes another 12 pitching changes), tonight's recording session will be our final regularly scheduled show for 2011

We've made an executive decision, and will step back from doing a weekly podcast during the off season. If we continue recording weekly, the fear is we’ll just spend the winter rehashing the same topics over and over (Who is going to play 2nd and 3rd base? Who will the Tigers sign in free agency? What's your thoughts on my trade proposal? Why is Jim Leyland/Gene Lamont/Dave Dombrowski a dunderhead?). That will be boring for everyone, both editors and listeners.

So the plan is to produce a show whenever news warrants, such as for free agency, trades, and the winter meetings. If Dave Dombrowski's history tells us anything, podcasts should be released once a month or so until spring training. Then we'll start cranking up the recorder to full speed.

With that out of the way...question time!

Remember, there are several ways to submit a question to the BYB Podcast.

The easiest way to get involved is to leave your question in the comments of this post.

You can email your question to: BYBPodcast at Please mention your BYB handle in your message so the community knows who to blame!

Aren't registered to comment at BYB? Even though you should be, you can still reach us on Twitter, where the all the cool kids are trying to decode Tony LaRussa's calls to the bullpen! You can send us your question as an @ reply to our Twitter account, @BlessYouBoys.

Aren't on Twitter? Like everyone else in the universe, we're on Facebook too!

We'll do our best to get to as many of your questions as humanly possible.

We very much appreciate your help, and thanks again!