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Bless You Boys Podcast 23: He is a manager, therefore he is a moron!

After months of weekly Detroit Tigers talk, and 23 episodes, the Bless You Boys Podcast is ready to take a short hiatus. The BYB Podcast will return later in the year. Heck, we may even be back next week if the Tigers pull the trigger on a deal!

But the plan is to produce a shorter show whenever news warrants, such as for free agency, trades, and the winter meetings. We'll then return to a longer, weekly format in the spring.

So this being the final show for what could be a least a few weeks, we wanted to make sure the last regularly scheduled episode of the 2011 season was fully populated with editors. We were ultimately missing one, but made do.

Bless You Boys Podcast 23 has a run time of 1:14, and features managing editor Kurt Mensching, deputy editors Rob Rogacki, Allison Hagen, and Matt Wallace, along with your host, deputy editor Al Beaton.

Topics discussed included:

  • Post playoff hangovers, who's got one?
  • Who's watching the World Series?
  • Tony LaRussa is a...he is...what the...Honestly, we don't have an explanation for his World Series game 5 shenanigans.
  • Dave Dombrowski, MLB Commissioner?
  • Most memorable moment of 2011.
  • Most forgettable moment of 2011.
  • We name our players of the year!
  • Possible off season strategies, will it involve trades or free agency?
  • Which player(s) could be trade bait?
  • Listener questions were all over the place, including: Injury updates, Granderson trade winners, stop second guessing Jim Leyland, to tender or non-tender Delmon Young, middle relief, 2012 payroll and we hear rumors about chicken and beer.

Final thoughts: Thank yous all around, it's a podcast love-fest!

In this episode, the number of times Brandon Inge was mentioned is...well, just once. We won't ever have a BYB Podcast without Binge....though there are times when we wouldn't mind it.

We LOVE to hear from you. If you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

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