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Playoff Prowl: What Jose Valverde really said, Ordonez nearly retired, and more

Magglio Ordonez nearly hung it up.
Magglio Ordonez nearly hung it up.

When the Big Potato speaks … " Beck's Blog's Jason Beck tells us the part of the story that seems to be missing from most reports.

"I’m just kidding, guys," he said, laughing out loud like somebody pulling a gag.

That kind of changes everything, doesn't it? Maybe it's a poorly timed joke. Maybe it's not. Jose Valverde enjoys having a good laugh and a good time and feeding the media a line and then taking it back certainly seems within his character.

Beck's take on the matter:

And that (a joke is) how we all took it. Another reporter double-checked the quote with me and another reporter who was there. I listened to it about a dozen times, remembered the laugh I saw, and came to that quote. ... When Valverde gives the belly laugh, that’s usually a sign he’s joking. That’s what we got when he said it.

So there you go. Manufactured controversy. Still wish Valverde hadn't of said it.

Ordonez: 'I almost hung it up' -
Danny Knobler reports Magglio Ordonez -- who had three hits Sunday -- nearly retired. He said he didn't enjoy the game any more.

To tie ALDS with Yankees, Tigers starter Max Scherzer does his best Justin Verlander impression
Bill Madden focuses on Max Scherzer, and how he went from allowing four home runs in Yankeee Stadium to pitching a shutout for six-plus innings.

Tigers come home with series even, setting up Sabathia-Verlander rematch | The Detroit News
Lynn Henning and the Tigers note that the parallels to 2006 are getting stronger. First a rainout, now a Game 2 victory. (Not to mention a no hitter taken into the sixth inning by a Tigers starter, though Jeremy Bonderman did that a few games later in 2006). But this year is different. This year, the Tigers have a Cy Young and MVP candidate in Justin Verlander.

The Daily Fungo: Post-Game Reading Game 2 Edition
Mike has a link and quote roundup of his own, including some Yankee reactions. So check it out.

NY Post; Bat's Awful
(Shouldn't that be Bats Awful" without an apostrophe? The photo is Derek Jeter, presumably after a strikeout.

Yankees lose; ALDS with Tigers even -
And here's the lead story at The Post.

Detroit Tigers - MLB | Tigers and their favorites: Phil Coke | The Detroit News
We learn Phil Coke enjoys Sprite, and that he does not like the Internet enough to visit Bless You Boys.

ALDS 2011: Miguel Cabrera comes up big - ESPN
Not only is Cabrera a good hitter, but Jerry Crasnick calls him "a Venezuelan Sean Casey." Crasnick also notes the exclusive batters clubs Cabrera is starting to join while being just 28 years old.

Scherzer stymies Yankees, evens series - Yankees Blog - ESPN New York
According to ESPN Stats & Information, Scherzer became the third pitcher to throw at least six scoreless innings and allow two or fewer hits in a postseason game at Yankee Stadium, joining Warren Spahn and Cliff Lee. It matched the longest-ever postseason no-hit bid against the Yankees.

The Yankees, The Tigers, A Tough Loss, and an Unforgettable Experience - Pinstripe Alley
Brandon C of SBNation's Pinstripe Alley Yankees blog writes about going to Sunday's game.