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ALDS Game 3 Preview: Yankees (Sabathia) at Tigers (Verlander)

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This time, I'm writing the preview in Matthew LaFave's format. -Thus it will be more saber-y -Kurt

ALDS Series: Tied 1-1

New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers

Probable Pitchers:
Monday, Oct. 3, 8:37 p.m.
RHP Justin Verlander (2.40 ERA, 3.12 xFIP, 8.96 K/9, 2.04 BB/9, .236 BABIP)
Hitter to Fear: Jorge Posada, .300 average, .391 OBP, .450 slugging
Hitter to Fail : I refuse to jinx tonight's game by naming one.


LHP CC Sabathia (3.00 ERA, 3.02 xFIP, 8.72 K/9, 2.31 BB/9, .318 BABIP)
Hitter to Fear: Miguel Cabrera .563 average, .591 OBP, 1.000 SLG
Hitter to Fail: Jhonny Peralta, 1-for-17 against him, Alex Avila 1-for-7

What to Watch For:
1. The battle of small sample size splits! CC Sabathia is very good when umpire Gerry Davis is behind home plate (6-0, 2.19 ERA) as Buster Olney noted on Twitter. However, he is not very good at Comerica Park (7-5, 4.30 ERA, or 4 runs in 7 innings during his last game there) as I noted. Something's got to give when these meaningless stats fight.

By the way, Justin Verlander has a 2.37 ERA in Comerica Park this year.

2. Current Tigers have career numbers of .250 avg, .311 obp, .413 slugging off CC Sabathia. The Yankees are .237 / .335 / .384 against Verlander.

3. Comerica Park is one of only two stadiums the Yankees have a losing record in. (Freep gets credit for that)

4. Rocking in the fetal position during the game's final 3 innings no matter who is winning.

On Deck:
Tuesday October 4

RHP Rick Porcello (4.75 ERA, 4.02 xFIP) vs. RHP A.J. Burnett (5.15 ERA, 3.86 xFIP)