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Dan Dickerson on Ivan Nova, Al Alburquerque and more with ESPN970

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Casey Ford of ESPN970 in Marquette went down to Game 4 of the series on Tuesday, then returned home on Wednesday to speak with Tigers play-by-play man Dan Dickerson. He passed the audio on to me to use this morning.

A few highlights, followed by the audio.

--Casey correctly predicted Don Kelly at third base.

-- Dickerson said a big home run or two could decide the series finale. "It's hard to get a read on this game. I think the Tigers are going to hit Ivan Nova. I really do. ... He's good but he's not dominant. I think it's going to help the Tigers to see him for a second time."

-- One of the biggest surprises of the series: "The ineffectiveness of Al Alburquerque is an issue right now," Dickerson said. "That's an arm that could have been an equalizer or kind of a secret weapon for this series."

-- Curtis Granderson is quickly becoming persona non-grata with Tigers fans during this series. But: "I'm happy for any success Curtis Granderson has," Dickerson said. "He's such a good person, a likeable person, a good player."

-- The gameplan for the Tigers winning Game 5 tonight: "They've got to score five or six runs," Dickerson said. "As well as Doug Fister might pitch, this is a hard ballpark in which to pitch."