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Playoff Prowl: Game 5 Game 5 Game 5 Game 5 ahhhhhhhhhhh

This is it: Five keys to a Tigers' victory in Game 5 | The Detroit News
I'll have my keys later today -- as I'm sure many will. Here's five from Tony Paul.

With Ivan Nova, bullpen, Yankees now have the edge | The Detroit News
Lynn Henning argues with himself. Continues ticking off Tigers fans by telling them what they don't want to hear.

Out of Left Field: It ain't over until it's over ...
Matthew B Mowey with some quotes from Leyland on Game 5.

How the Tigers have bounced back from postseason blowouts
Not a lot of history here, but Mike McClary provides a bit.

John Lowe tackles questions about tonight's Tigers-Yankees Game 5 | Detroit Free Press |
Lowe notes that playing a deciding game at Yankee Stadium is nothing new for Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta, who ousted New York from the playoff while playing for the Indians in 2007.

Tigers still like their chances in do-or-die Game 5 | The Detroit News
Wojo notes that the Tigers players are not intimidated at playing the do-or-die game in New York. And Miguel Cabrera says that the team bounced back from a blowout the first time around this series.

Tigers' Jim Leyland on Al Alburquerque: 'Needless to say, he's not sharp right now' |
Obviously "duh" is the beginning place. But why is it happening? Leyland says maybe Al-Al had been idle too long due to the injury and he's not throwing well because of it.

It's great to be a Detroit fan, but I now have Tigeritis; how about you? -- Detroit Free Press
I think Jeff Seidel had several good points in this column. Not just the tired, unable to concentrate feeling from being too freaked out the entire week. But also this gem:

They will say things like: "Well, now Detroit has something to cheer about."

To which I say: "Give me a break."

Doug Fister and Paul Bunyan.....Folk Heroes - Motor City Bengals - A Detroit Tigers blog
Wait, so who's Babe the Blue Ox?

Old English D: Game Three is Good to Me
Like Baroque (posted earlier today), Jen of Old English D was at the game Monday and recorded some thoughts.

DesigNate Robertson: The DNR 2011 MLB Award Winners
Rogo designates Jose Bautisa for AL MVP. Other than that, I believe I agreed with every single one of his choices, including the Tiger awards. What is this world coming to?

What constitutes an emergency in Wisconsin | HardballTalk
And finally, just a bit of humor out of suburban Wisconsin.