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The Tigers move on, so does the BYB long as we have your questions

In case you've been wondering, we've been keeping the Bless You Boys Podcast on hold, waiting for the ALDS to come to an end.

After game 4, we made an executive decision. If the Tigers won, we'd knock out a podcast before the ALCS. If they lost, we'd wait a few days, as some perspective would have been badly needed before talking about such an emotional series.

The Tigers won, the podcast is a go, we'll be recording later this afternoon, and we need your questions.

Remember, there are several ways to submit a question to the BYB Podcast.

You can email your question to: BYBPodcast at Please mention your BYB handle in your message, so we know exactly who to blame!

Don't want to mess with email? The easiest way to get involved is to leave your question in the comments of this post.

Aren't registered to comment? Even though you should be, you can still reach us on that new fangled technology called Twitter, where the all the cool kids are making fun of A-Rod! Send your question as an @ reply to our Twitter account, @BlessYouBoys.

Aren't on Twitter? Like everyone else on the planet, we're on Facebook too!

We'll do our best to get to as many of your questions as humanly possible. Your questions are a big reason why the BYB Podcast has been so successful! We very much appreciate your help!

One request. Please try to keep your questions to the ALDS, the upcoming ALCS and the MLB playoffs in general. We'll have plenty of time to talk moves for the off season and 2012 in the off season and 2012!