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Tigers-Rangers ALCS schedule released: Expect mid-week afternoon games in Detroit

The schedule for the upcoming Tigers-Rangers ALCS has been released, via the Dallas Morning News. All times eastern:

Game 1: DET @ TEX Saturday, October 8 FOX 7:30
Game 2: DET @ TEX Sunday, October 9 FOX 7:00
Game 3: TEX @ DET Tuesday, October 11 FOX 7:30
Game 4: TEX @ DET Wednesday, October 12 FOX 4:00
Game 5: TEX @ DET* Thursday, October 13 FOX 4:00
Game 6: DET @ TEX* Saturday, October 15 FOX 7:30
Game 7: DET @ TEX* Sunday, October 16 FOX 8:00

Instead of the newer 2-2-1-1-1 format, the 7 game ALCS is an old school 2-3-2. Which could work out in the Tigers' favor if they can can get a W on the board in games 1 and/or 2.

But the afternoon start times mid-week? I can see that causing some issues for Tigers fans. Looking at the mid-week game times, the ALCS will not be considered MLB's glamor series for TV purposes, especially if the Phillies move on tonight.