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UPDATED: Tigers' ALCS rotation set: It's now Verlander, Scherzer, Fister, Porcello

UPDATE: Per Beck, Scherzer is now starting Game 2. Porcello will start Game 4 in Detroit.

Via Jason Beck's Twitter:

Change to Tigers rotation just announced: Scherzer will pitch Gm 2, Porcello Gm 4.

Translation: Scherzer was cleared to start on 2 days' rest after his relief appearance last night. Makes huge difference in series.

The Tigers must have been as uncomfortable with Porcello starting 2 games in Texas as the rest of us. I agree with Beck, this may be a series changing decision.

The Tigers starters for the ALCS will now go in this order:: Verlander starts games 1 and 5, Scherzer goes in games 2 and 6, Fister has games 3 and 7, Porcello gets just 1 start, game 4.

Now moot original post:

Via ESPN Dallas/Ft. Worth:

Derek Holland will start Game 2 for the Texas Rangers, manager Ron Washington confirmed. C.J. Wilson is starting Game 1 Saturday night in Arlington.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland said that Justin Verlander will start Game 1 with Rick Porcello going up against Holland in Game 2. Doug Fister will pitch Game 3 and Max Scherzer in Game 4.

Leyland's plan is to pitch Verlander again in Game 5 and have Porcello and then Fister for Games 6 and 7.

As Leyland is going with his 4 man playoff rotation, this news is what we expected.

Only 1 start for Scherzer, which isn't surprising after he was used in relief against the Yankees. I'm not going to complain about 4 starts between Verlander and Fister. Though Porcello starting on the road twice is a little disconcerting.