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Tigers fans feeling pretty good ahead of ALCS

alcs confidence poll
alcs confidence poll

Our ALCS confidence poll had about 24 hours to percolate, but with the game coming up in less than 10 hours I closed it down to get the results out to you.

With an amazing 824 votes tallied, the average came in at about 77. (If you conclude most of the 0s and 10s came from fans of other teams just over here to muck with the poll, it was closer to 80.)

Eye-balling it, fans appear to be a bit more confident about this series than the Yankees series. That could be caused by a wave of excitement following the ousting of New York. Or maybe it's just an acknowledgment that after facing the Yankees, pretty much anything has to seem a little more do-able.

For whatever the reasons, Tigers fan overall feel pretty good going into the weekend in Arlington. Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer will be taking the mound for Detroit.