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Delmon Young off ALCS playoff roster, Danny Worth on

The Tigers released their ALCS playoff roster this afternoon, and it had one surprise, if you could call it that. Delmon Young, who suffered an oblique injury against the Yankees, will sit out this series. In his place, infielder Danny Worth will get a chance to view the post season up close. (Worth had been keeping fresh in Lakeland up until yesterday.)

The move was likely made as a precaution. If Young could not play regularly, he would be taking up a roster spot. If he had to be removed from the roster due to injury, he would miss the World Series should the Tigers advance that far.

It's possible the Tigers will miss Young's bat. He certainly performed well in the ALDS. On the other hand, truth be told it wasn't likely Young would continue hitting at such an insane pace either. Ryan Raburn will probably get a shot to show what he can do. He was 2-for-5 with three strikeouts in the ALDS. He batted .383 with an .453 OBP and .702 slugging average in September in 47 at bats. Defensively, well, Young, Raburn, whachagonnado?

Or maybe manager Jim Leyland will just put Don Kelly out there. In which case: AHHHHHHH!. Deep breaths. Trust in Leyland. Trust in Leyland. Trust in Leyland.

Worth can play multiple positions in the infield.