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Playoff Prowl: On rain, Austin Jackson and Delmon Young

Random Thoughts Following Game 1, ALCS - Motor City Bengals
Bryan Craves shares a few thoughts after the game, including the hole in Justin Verlander's armor

ALCS Game 1 Rapid Reaction -- The Daily Fungo
Mike writes:
How about Ryan Perry? In what could’ve been a disastrous move, Perry was flawless in his inning and two-thirds. I think we might have witnessed Wilson Betemit’s last at bat as a Tiger. If you’re going to make an out anyway, why not just bunt Ramon Santiago over?

Three questions with FSD Tigers broadcaster Rod Allen | Detroit Free Press |
Rod Allen talks Verlander, Scherzer and the squander bug biting Detroit.

'Quite frustrating': Rain dumps on Justin Verlander, Tigers again -- The Detroit News
John Niyo spoke to Justin Verlander, who had his second start of the post season shortened by rain.

So what was he thinking when the skies opened up again? "(Expletive)," Verlander said, laughing.

That about sums this one up, doesn't it?


Another rain delay washes away Tigers' momentum in Game 1 of ALCS -
The key quote in Matthew B Mowery's story: "If anywhere in the country has a drought, just bring me in," deadpanned Verlander,

Out of Left Field: Will Rhymes "very confused" by ninth-inning strategy
I was "very confused" by the Tweet. I mean, he said the same thing that was being said in the BYB comments. Certainly he wasn't the only one "very confused." But he's the only one who could be negatively affected by questioning the Tigers' strategy in public.

Delmon Young's injury won't prevent Detroit Tigers from advancing to World Series --
I'm glad somebody said it. David Mayo of the Grand Rapids press took on the media perception of Delmon Young being a must-have player after his ALDS performance.

Delmon Young’s Absence Won’t Be A Big Deal -- FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron agrees with Mayo.

Tigers' Brad Penny: 'If I'm pitching, it's probably not a good situation' |
Too true! I'm glad he said what we were all thinking!

Tigers' fate could hinge on Austin Jackson | Detroit Free Press |
Like so many others batters, Austin Jackson has to show up in the playoffs a lot better than he has so far.

This Date In Transactions History: Colby Lewis:
Colby Lewis has been key for the Rangers in the post season. He used to be a Tiger, and you never could have expected then just how well his career would turn out.