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Fans hopeful for the offseason, 2012: Nov., 1 confidence poll

Nov 1 confidence
Nov 1 confidence

In our first offseason poll of the year, fans reported an average confidence just shy of 80.

Again, I'll turn the platform over to some of the comments readers submitted for why they voted how they voted:

Gwangi (90)

I voted 90 because I think we have a real good chance of making it to the playoffs and potentially even the World Series. I would have prefered to vote 85, but i rounded up to 90.

Murrajo (80)

I expect this team to be in the playoffs (that = 80 on my yardstick).
The starters are there. There is a good start on the ‘Pen (although relievers are notoriously unpredictable year to year (or inning to inning)). The bats are there and the average ages are good. 2011 should be the beginning of a wave of winning teams.

Sutelc (70)

Too soon to say. It’s going to depend on what moves we make and what moves the rest of the division makes. On paper I’d call us the favorites to win the Central right now but if Minnesota gets healthy and makes a couple of moves they could be back in it. Kansas City is a Cinderella story waiting to happen

NC Dee (60)

I will settle for nothing less that a World Championship. Mr. Illitch and I are tired of fartin’ around. We need infielders at 2nd and 3rd. We need a real back up catcher. Get them and get the damn job done. We certainly have some great hitters and a fine starting rotation, but unless we get those other positions nailed down, we will be bridsmaids again next year. The Central Division Championship isn’t good enough for me any more.

HighOPS (50)

60% chance to win the Central weighted at 80%.
60% chance to win a Division Series weighted at 5%
40% chance to win ALCS weighted at 10%
50% chance to win World Series weighted at 5%.
-@% because they are leaning towards offering a contract to Delmon young.

60(0.8) + 60(0.05) + 40(0.05) + 50(0.05) – 2
= 48 + 3 + 2 + 2.5 – 2

Let’s say 50. Notice that offering a contract to Delmon Young causes this to fall to 50 since 55.5 would round to 60.

No one who voted lower than 50 told us why, so we'll stop there.

I loved 80 (I think) because I think the Tigers -- on paper -- should win the division in 2012. They have a bit of work to do, but they've got the resources and I think the front-office ability to get it done.