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Bless You Boys Podcast 25: Stalking Ozzie Guillen

The gang at Bless You Boys decided to get together one more time before the holidays to record the final Bless You Boys Podcast of 2011. It's our Christmas gift to you!

BYB Podcast 25 has a running time of 1:05 and features Allison Hagen, Patrick O’Kennedy, David Tokarz, Matt Wallace, Kurt Mensching, and Al Beaton.

Topics discussed:

  • Allison takes on MLB's Winter Mettings...and both MLB and Allison survive.
  • Brandon Inge got in a car accident, which is the only way he can hit something.
  • Meet Octavio Dotel!
  • We say goodbye to Ryan Perry, hello to Collin Balester.
  • Will Rhymes was non-tendered.
  • Could Miguel Cabrera bat 3rd in 2012?
  • Tigerfest cancelled!
  • Rumor mongering with Jacob Turner.
  • Billy Beane wants the moon for Gio Gonzalez.
  • Are the Hanley Ramirez rumors just Ken Rosenthal throwing crap to see what sticks?
  • Could the Tigers really be interested in Jimmy Rollins?
  • Any off season moves will be based on first acquiring Yoenis Cespedes.
  • Do the editors agree with the BYB readership, is a big move or two needed to win the AL Central?
  • Are you outraged over the Ryan Braun PED scandal, or have you reached the point of 'roid fatigue?
  • Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson get crazy money from the Angels...or are they crazy like a fox?
  • The Marlins are throwing around cash like Tony Montana snorts cocaine.
  • You should be reading the blogs of Phil Coke's Brain, Dirk Hayhurst and Rogo.
  • Kurt's birthday is on Christmas Eve...and no one ever remembers.

Brandon Inge mentions:1

We apologize for the lack of listener questions. They'll be back, so hang in there.

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