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Tigers Lose Gustavo Nunez in Rule 5 Draft

The Pittsburgh Pirates have selected Tiger prospect and shortstop Gustavo Nunez in the major league portion of the Rule 5 draft on Thursday. The Tigers did not make a selection in the draft. I had mentioned Nunez as one possibility that the Tigers might add to their roster in each of the past two years, but he was left unprotected and now has been claimed by Pittsburgh. The Tigers will receive $ 50,000.00 and the Pirates will have to keep Nunez on their major league roster for the duration of the season, or they will have to offer him back to Detroit before sending him down to the minor leagues. Nunez was thought to be one of the Tigers' top infield prospects, and is said to have a major league ready glove, a plus arm for the infield, and plus speed on the bases. His hitting has been sporadic in the minor leagues.

Following are the results of today's rule 5 draft:

  1. Astros take Rhiner Cruz from Mets.
  2. Twins take Terry Doyle from White Sox.
  3. Mariners take Lucas Luetge from Brewers.
  4. Orioles take Ryan Flaherty from Cubs.
  5. Royals take Cesar Cabral from Red Sox; traded to Yankees for cash.
  6. Cubs take Lendy Castillo from Phillies.
  7. Padres
  8. Pirates take Gustavo Nunez from Tigers.
  9. Marlins
  10. Rockies
  11. Athletics
  12. Mets
  13. White Sox
  14. Reds
  15. Indians
  16. Nationals
  17. Blue Jays
  18. Dodgers
  19. Angels
  20. Giants
  21. Braves take Robert Fish from Angels.
  22. Cardinals take Erik Komatsu from Nationals.
  23. Red Sox take Marwin Gonzalez from Cubs, traded to Astros for Marco Duarte
  24. Rays
  25. Diamondbacks take Brett Lorin from Pirates.
  26. Tigers
  27. Brewers
  28. Rangers
  29. Yankees take Brad Meyers from Nationals.
  30. Phillies