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2011 Detroit Tigers Prospects: #27, Ryan Strieby, 1B/LF/DH

Every weekday from February 7-25, I'll be publishing a prospect profile from my top 30 Detroit Tigers prospect list. The profiles that appear here on Bless You Boys were the ones that were cut for space from this year's Maple Street Press Tigers Annual. You'll be able to read half the list for free, but I'd really encourage you to order the annual for the other half (not to mention all the other great content).

Ryan Strieby, 1B/LF/DH, Grade C

Bats R, Throws R, Height 6'6", Weight 220, Date of Birth August 9, 1985

Strieby's calling card used to be a combination of power and patience that mostly mitigated his problems with contact and poor defense. Unfortunately, a series of problems with his wrist caused the power to evaporate this year. Strieby hit .245/.323/.400 in AAA Toledo this year, which was pretty miserable. His strikeout rate was up to 26.2%, and he only walked in 10.2% of his plate appearances, down about 5% from the previous year. While the wrist certainly affected his power, I don't think he should have been chasing that many pitches out of the zone. Supporters will say that's a result of the wrist injury, and I'm willing to give Strieby the benefit of the doubt, but he's going to have to improve next year to keep his prospect status. Don't expect to see him until 2012 unless he breaks out in a big way or somebody gets injured. And don't expect him to play left field- everything I've heard indicates he's horrible there.