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2011 Detroit Tigers Prospects: #25, Cody Satterwhite, RHP

Every weekday from February 7-25, I'll be publishing a prospect profile from my top 30 Detroit Tigers prospect list. The profiles that appear here on Bless You Boys were the ones that were cut for space from this year's Maple Street Press Tigers Annual. You'll be able to read half the list for free, but I'd really encourage you to order the annual for the other half (not to mention all the other great content).

Cody Satterwhite, RHP, Grade C

Bats R, Throws R, Height 6'4", Weight 205 lbs, Date of Birth January 27, 1987

Discussing Satterwhite's future is somewhat academic at this point considering he lost all of 2010 to labrum surgery. Satterwhite had a good fastball that sat in the mid 90's and touched 98 with brutal sink, and he also threw a pretty good slider. He had issues with control, and the shoulder injury certainly isn't helping him fix that. He's a grade C due to his high draft status in 2008 and his pre-surgery stuff, and could certainly come back to produce at a high level. But don't bet on it.