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BYB welcomes Matthew LaFave

I'm always looking for ways to add unique content here at Bless You Boys. I feel like we've got the analysis down pretty good. We've got near-daily coverage of the minor leagues. What we were lacking is some credentialed boots-on-the-ground in the Detroit area. I'm happy to welcome Matthew LaFave to the BYB family today. Matt will specialize in Q&As and we might see his role grow a bit as the season starts to ramp up when the team comes north.

I grew up watching the Tigers with my dad in the 80s and 90s. My dad taught me everything I know about baseball so I grew up playing it and watching it everyday. A passion it was and a way of life it became. I have always been a writer, from writing in journals as a kid to writing professionally on sports websites. I especially have always loved reading interviews, it was a way to feel closer to the players growing up. I hope to create the same feeling for Detroit Tiger fans everywhere.

Matt's work also appears on You can add him to your Twitter follows @MatthewLaFave.

Look for his work every Tuesday to begin and quite likely more often after that.