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Morning Prowl: Guillen, Porcello and Sizemore

The Tigers have now gotten the first official workout out of the way. But I knew you'd prefer pictures of puppies rather than Jose Valverde attempting to field a baseball. Because really, who doesn't want to hug that puppy?

Prowling around:

No Run Support: Time line for Carlos Guillen?
Alli wonders how Carlos Guillen's timeline for recovery might compare to Brandon Inge's last season. Carlos Guillen is upbeat about his surgically repaired knee
Jason Beck writes more at Guillen does not want to venture a guess when he'll be ready either.

... my hunch -- and nothing more -- is to expect Guillen around early May.

FanSided Bloggers Announce All-AL Central Position Players
Only one Tiger makes an appearance on the list. Maybe a few more will show up in pitchers.

TigerBlog " Cobb’s Greatest Season – The Story of the Forgotten 1911 Tigers (Part 1)
Brian Borawski looks back a century in part one of a piece that was originally slated for the Tigers Annual.

Freep: Pitcher Rick Porcello: Tigers' sultan of sweat
Thanks to John Lowe I now have the Dire Straits in my head.

Freep: Victor Martinez, Jim Leyland agree: Tigers' Joel Zumaya looks great
'When I threw my first breaking ball, I smiled, and Victor smiled back.' -- Happy Valentines Day, from Joel Zumaya

DetNews: Quick Hits Monday
Not exactly The Things They Carried: Tom Gage blogged about The Smokes Leyland Set.

Yahoo! Sports: Leyland’s rites of spring are a family affair
Jeff Passan made Lakeland his first stop of spring training

MLive: Tigers' Scott Sizemore fully healed from broken ankle, ready to turn heads this spring
Scott Warheit writes that Scott Sizemore will have a second chance to make a first impression now that he's more than a year removed from his ankle fracture.