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Morning Prowl: Boesch, Thomas and Porcello

Outfielders took some of the focus today, as the media caught up with Clete Thomas and Brennan Boesch. Robbie Weinhardt and Rick Porcello were also in the news. Detroit Tigers outfielder Brennan Boesch looks for consistency
Can Brennan Boesch find a happy medium?

MLive: Clete Thomas has the makings of a feel-good story for the Tigers
Ladies and gentlemen: A Clete Thomas sighting!

SB Nation Detroit: Now Co-Authors, Should Jim Joyce Be Allowed To Umpire When Armando Galarraga Pitches?
Ian thinks it's a stretch to find conflict of interest between Galarraga and Joyce.

Prospectus Hit List: Winning the Winter, AL Edition
A C- offseason, Baseball Prospectus? Surely you jest. Are we watching the same offseason?

Detnews: Leyland confident in Porcello, compares him to Glavine, Maddux

Motor City Bengals: Leyland Compares Rick Porcello to Hall of Fame Hurlers
John opines.

DetNews: This season's Tigers much farther ahead than 2010 version
Lynn Henning is pretty optimistic generally. In this case, I agree with him and I really find it hard to believe there are people who don't. These Tigers aren't perfect but it's the best squad they've brought to Lakeland in several years.

MLive: Can improved slider, conditioning help Robbie Weinhardt win spot in Tigers' bullpen?
Steve Kornacki wonders if Robbie Weinhardt, who came into camp weighing less after giving up french fries, will make the 25 man roster. I think there's a good chance.

Baseball Prospectus | Prospectus Preview: AL Central 2011
If you have a subscription, check it out. To say the least, when the team projected to win the division has 84 wins, you get the feeling the computer doesn't like the division.

AL Central In Focus: Prospect Profile: Chance Ruffin
Corey's back to looking at Tigers prospects with a recently drafted relief pitcher. Valverde holds his own in fielding practice
"[Jhonny] Peralta and [Brandon] Inge, they have to be careful," Valverde said. "I want to play short and third base." I suppose it's a bad idea to pick up a player's option just because he's entertaining, but I would seriously miss Valverde if this were his last year.

Maple Street Press: 3 Questions -- Detroit Tigers
In which I answer two baseball questions and one about the Annual.