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Morning prowl: Rick Porcello, Joquin Benoit and Charles Furbush

Rick Porcello at  the Tigers' spring training facility in Lakeland. (Photo courtesy of <a href="">Roger DeWitt</a>)
Rick Porcello at the Tigers' spring training facility in Lakeland. (Photo courtesy of Roger DeWitt)

Another day is in the books at Lakeland. Rick Porcello is still a popular topic, but a few more players received introductions. Porcello looking to add to arsenal in 2011
Because we can never have enough Rick Porcello news, Jason Beck tells us he feels like he can be a four-pitch pitcher by using both the slider and the curve.

Roar of the Tigers: Pug marks 2/16, incredibly important Tigers things
I'm not sure why Austin Jackson is climbing a redwood. Neither is Samara. But she drew it anyway because that's the kind of thing she does in February.

DetNews: Veteran SP Brad Penny impresses Tigers with work ethic
One thing you can about Brad Penny, he's a work horse. Also, he doesn't mind early mornings. By the time I get out of bed at 6 a.m. he's already tweeting about working out.

DetNews: Detroit now a destination, not doom, for baseball's stars
Lynn Henning notes that Detroit is a destination because it fields competitors frequently, has a lot of fans at the ballpark, and -- oh yes -- "that lake" nearby has fish it it.

MLive: How improved is the Tigers' starting rotation in 2011?
Steve Kornacki tries to figure out how many more wins the rotation should produce in 2011 than it did in 2010.

DetNews: Joaquin Benoit has come long way since rough debut vs. Tigers
Tom Gage looks back at Joquin Benoit's MLB debut, which happened to be against the Tigers and quite memorable for other reasons.

Freep: Tigers' Alex Avila wowed by new pitcher Joaquin Benoit
John Lowe adds to the Benoit news.

Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: Handicapping the Second Base Race
Lee lays odds the Scott Sizemore wins the starting nod, but it's far from a runaway.

The Daily Fungo by Mike McClary: Meet the Kindler, Gentler Kirk Gibson
Mike has an update from Arizona about the National League Tigers

Detroit4Lyfe: Justin Verlander and Victor Martinez Should Race Their Cars
A detailed look at Justin Verlander and Victor Martinez's new cars.

DesigNate Robertson: Your Guide To DesigNate Robertson
This doesn't really have to do with baseball but it's a good chance to remind you what Rogo does over there is not meant to be microanalyzed. He's trying to have a little fun and fills that niche well. You might want to find a little more humor here at BYB, but it turns out I'm not funny. So I think Rogo should be on people's must-read lists, frankly. Don't take him so serious. Make sure to pick up your 2011 Tigers Annual
A big thank-you goes out to Tony Paul and the Detroit News for telling people about the annual. If I might continue with a bit of shop top, let me just say how great it is that the Tigers online writers and their traditional news counterparts have such good working relations, that goes for all the media out there. But if you notice we happen to link to The News a lot and wonder why, that's mainly because they put out more articles than most of the other media sources combined. (And it helps that those articles are available when I'm writing The Prowl every night.)

OK, that's more than enough shop talk for the week. Go out and make baseball happen!