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2011 Detroit Tigers Prospects: #21, Danny Worth, SS

Every weekday from February 7-25, I'll be publishing a prospect profile from my top 30 Detroit Tigers prospect list. The profiles that appear here on Bless You Boys were the ones that were cut for space from this year's Maple Street Press Tigers Annual. You'll be able to read half the list for free, but I'd really encourage you to order the annual for the other half (not to mention all the other great content).

Danny Worth, SS, Grade C

Bats R, Throws R, Height 6'1", Weight 185, Date of Birth September 30, 1985

Ladies and Gentlemen, Adam Everett 2.0! Worth's value comes in his glove and arm- which scouts both rank as above average to plus. Worth also has pretty good speed and okay contact skills. Beyond that, however, he doesn't offer much. He has little in the way of patience and close to nothing in the way of power, though his contact skills are good. A career similar to Adam Everett's would be ideal- he could stick as an all-glove, no hit shortstop or a utility player as soon as next year. A little more time in AAA couldn't hurt, but he won't get much better than this. Ceiling is .300/.330/.360 with plus defense, but that's an optimistic batting average.