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Morning Prowl: Carlos Guillen, Jose Valverde, Daniel Schlereth

MLive: Tigers' Jim Leyland enthused about how good Carlos Guillen looks this early
So far, so good for Carlos Guillen. Tigers left-hander Daniel Schlereth aims to lock down relief role
More talk about Daniel Schlereth, whose role isn't guaranteed but who doesn't seem to have a lot of competition.

Bucket Ball | Mark Schlereth's Official Website
Daniel's dad wrote about his's son's early days playing baseball, and more

Beck's Blog: Valverde is going to have a pitch count
Sometimes it takes a few more pitches to get through an inning. Jim Leyland learned from last year and won't let Valverde get to 60 pitches again this season.

DetNews: Andy Oliver, Phil Coke tabbed to start first two Tigers exhibitions
Oliver gets the Florida Southern game, Coke gets the first one against an MLB club.

Motor City Bengals: Why the Tigers Won’t Win the Division in 2011
I once wrote a column headlined "Springtime is best time for optimists." Obviously I wasn't thinking much of blogs when I wrote the piece. Chris Hannun responds to Tigerdog's FanPost.

DesigNate Robertson: Catfight: Scott Sizemore vs Will Rhymes
Rogo surprises even himself with the winner of this contest.

Roar of the Tigers: Brandon Inge saving the underwater city of Atlantis from certain destruction
Samara can fight it all she wants, but we will get her to join The Dark Side or the borg or at least the local Kiwanis Club if it's the last thing we do. By the way, click that link. Probably the best one you'll find in this entire roundup.

The Tigers Den - A Detroit Tigers Blog
I'm just going to point you to The Tigers Den's front page rather than any particular article. Josh Worn is taking a look at projections for each player on the roster.

Freep: Victor Martinez takes Alex Avila, minor league catchers to dinner
V-Mart sounds like a good teammate.

DetNews: Max St. Pierre only hopes Miguel Cabrera's troubles end as well as his
Max St. Pierre's story is an inspirational one.

Comerica Park, 48201: Spring is coming!!
The Official Tigers blog seems to have jinxed things for the lower half of the state, which I hear is getting a nice dose of snow as I type this.