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Morning Prowl: Magglio Ordonez, Brayan Villarreal, baserunning

Magglio Ordonez in Lakeland. (Photo courtesy <a href="">Roger Dewitt</a>)
Magglio Ordonez in Lakeland. (Photo courtesy Roger Dewitt)

We're kind of MLive heavy this morning, but that's fine. They've been plenty busy too. A couple of Twins updates are tagged on the end. Magglio Ordonez returned to Tigers with one goal: 'complete the mission ... win the World Series'
We're totally MLive-y this morning. Maggs talked about his desire to come back to Detroit so he could complete the task that Detroit failed to do in 2006.

Freep: Tigers' lefty Andy Oliver working for place on team
Oliver talks a bit about his mechanics.

MLive: Tigers right-hander Brayan Villarreal is a pitcher to watch this spring
Steve Kornacki has his eyes on the 23-year-old right-hander who kicked butt in the minor leagues last season.

MLive: Worst case scenario: What if Miguel Cabrera misses Tigers' 2011 season?
Matt Sussman is a worry wort.

DetNews: Jim Leyland's dirty job is running Tigers through sliding drill
Jim Leyland talks about the sliding drill with Tom Gage.

Motor City Bengals: Tiger Town 2/22

Our friend JAYRC shares some photos, video, and general info from yesterday's workouts.

Beck's Blog: Weighing the running game
This is a great point by Will Rhymes, as a number of people seem to believe stealing and small ball will score more runs. You've got to have a high percentage of successful steals or you cost yourself runs, and we are not watching baseball played in a dead ball era. These sluggers have some real power to their games.

"If you're on first base and [Cabrera] is up, you're in scoring position," said Will Rhymes, who pointed out the percentages often suggest not running.

The Tigers are all blue. Not sad. Blue. | Roar of the Tigers
Sam reacts with confusion to the Tigers' individual photos from Getty Images

Motor City Bengals: Carlos Guillen’s Depressing Comps
Chris is still busy at MCB, looking at the 10 players most similar to Carlos Guillen.

Nick's Twins Blog: Liriano and Work Ethic
Nick Nelson looks closer at Francisco Liriano and why the Twins may be interested in trading him. (via Central in Focus) Twins first baseman Justin Morneau on rebound from concussion
Justin Morneau is in camp with the Twins, but as of right now he isn't a sure thing for opening day.