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Report: Miguel Cabrera could arrive in Lakeland Thursday

The Detroit News is reporting tonight that Miguel Cabrera's agent met with Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski, and the Tigers slugger could report as soon as Thursday.

Tom Gage and Lynn Henning wrote:

When asked if Cabrera would report Thursday, Cuza said: "I can't say anything. It's too early."

"That's about the best I can say, too," Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski said when he left his office in Lakeland.

Cuza's mere presence at Marchant Stadium, however, was an indication Cabrera's status is about to be clarified — and with that clarification would come Cabrera's return to the team.

If Cabrera is ready -- I mean actually ready, not just rip-raring and ready to go -- the sooner he gets to camp, the sooner the national media descend and ask their questions and get their stories finished and move on, the better.