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Miguel Cabrera speaks to the press, will enter alcohol program

Miguel Cabrera will speak to the press approximately 4:30 today. It will be shown on the MLB Network and MLive and FoxSportsDetroit both plan to stream it.

Check back to this story for updates of what Cabrera tells the media.

So far, the MLB has issued a press release (not available online yet) that says Cabrera will begin a multi-faceted alcohol program and has reached strike two. Another alcohol-related incident will lead to discipline. Cabrera is reportedly committed to the program. (See tweets by Danny Knobler, Jon Heyman for more)

4:30 p.m. GM Dave Dombrowski will speak first, then Cabrera, then questions will happen.

Dombrowski: Tigers are happy to have Miguel back in camp, he will resume activities full time Friday. and professional doctors will be administering the alcohol program, the Tigers will assist.

4:31 -- Cabrera: I want to apologize to everybody, to my teammates, family, the Detroit Tigers and their owner.

Cabrera then makes a statement in Spanish.

"I've worked very hard for a period of time in overcoming this, and I just want to get back and play and ask for forgiveness."

Assistant GM Al Avila translating the Spanish:

"I want to apologize the policemen, I hope they forgive me. I want to thank them."

"I believe in the American justice system and that it will take its course, and I believe in the end things will be cleared up and that will be good. I also want to re-gain my reputation. I will work hard to regain that respect and my reputation. I just want to get back to baseball and my career."

Cabrera can not say more about the night because it's a legal matter.

"It was one bad decision on my part. I will continue my treatment. I will continue to see the doctors and follow what their recommendations are."

Cabrera unable to say whether he's an alcoholic, he's not a doctor. The doctors would know best.

Cabrera "received tremendous support form the organization, his family, his friends, his teammates. He's going to work to do everything possible for this to never happens again and restore everybody's faith" in him.

Cabrera does not feel any desire to drive or have a license at this point.

Cabrera "doesn't plan to go (to the locker room) and have a big meeting. He'd rather go one-on-one face to face and apologize to each one face-to-face throughout the day"

Cabrera doesn't see banning of alcohol appropriate. "he says everybody should have responsibly for their own actions and he's taking responsibility for his."

Cabrera "learned a lot of lessons in life. He hopes that he will become a better person and continue to grow."

Cabrera says the hardest part of the situation was for his family. "He feels he let everyone down. He let himself down, his family in particular." -- Avila.

Re the 2005 car: Cabrera likes that car, he's not the kind of guy who needs to go out and get a new car all the time.

On performing at the level he did in 2010: He's going to work hard, be with his teammates and do the best he can.

Magglio Ordonez a great friend and superstar himself. He sees Magglio's comments as constructive and he agrees with them and wants to follow through on them. (Recall Ordonez said the team was being built about Miguel and he needs to act like a superstar.)

He will play in a game when Leyland sees fit.

Dave Dombrowski says the Tigers will try to find someone to travel with Cabrera but it has to be someone the team and Cabrera are comfortable with.

Dombrowski: "I'm sure he's committed to helping himself. This has been a very thorough process with some outstanding doctors who have been involved. ... We're going to help him however we can. Any time you're involved in situations where alcohol is involved, it's a daily battle for an individual. But I know he's committed to doing what's necessary.

Dombrowski is not at liberty to discuss the program, but he thinks the program is a very thorough program and it will help a great deal.

"He is a quality person. He has a good heart. He's very supportive of his teammates. He's great with kids. He loves his family. There's so many good things, when something like this happens it's a situation where we can put these type of things behind him and all those other things will shine forward."

Dombrowski has not been angry at him. "He's been committed to making this work from our original incident at the end of 2009. I think every step of the way ... I've been involved with this with people and mistakes happen. ... It's not just one time people go through with the process. Hopefully this will be the only time it happens. I can't guarantee it. But hopefully he's committed to making it happen, as we are and the major league players association."

He's cleared to play whenever Leyland wants to put his name in the lineup.

Dombrowski: "I hope that the fans see how sincere Miguel is and acknowledge he has a problem and is committed to fixing it. I hope they have an open mind to that."

Cabrera is allowed to drive in the state of FL, but he chooses not to right now.

Dombrowski: "The last time when Miguel spoke about this publicly, it was a while after the incident. I think this time he is still angry with himself as he is addressing the public, and disappointed in himself. The same commitment to treatment is there this time."

The presser is over now as of 5:01pm.