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Everybody plays, everybody wins! Tigers 17, Florida Southern 5

OK, so not everybody played. Miguel Cabrera sat the game out and it's unknown when he will get his first start of spring. But Jim Leyland used the exhibition opener to get playing time for much of his roster, and it seemed like everybody contributed in the 17-5 victory over Florida Southern. team racked up 19 hits and seven walks in the process.


The key moment may have came in the third inning when Brennan Boesch knocked a three-run blast over the center field wall. Audy Ciriaco later added a solo shot in the sixth inning. Five players rapped doubles.

On the pitching side of things, Andrew Oliver was credited with the twin for two scoreless innings. He struck out three and allowed two hits. Jacob Turner and Enrique Gonzalez also threw two scoreless innings apiece. The Moccasins scored all five of their runs in the ninth inning off Lester Oliveros.

Notable for the Mocs, Colin Kaline, grandson of Al Kaline, went 0-for-1 with a walk.