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Grapefruit league: Tigers at Phillies, Blue Jays at Tigers

Split squad today.

Tigers at Phillies, Clearwater

Time: 1:05 p.m.

Radio/TV: MLB.TV - and I believe MLBN is going to show this game tonight, for some reason

Game notes : Tigers // Phillies have not updated yet

Pitchers: Andy Oliver vs. Cliff Lee

Also scheduled to pitch for the Tigers -Enrique Gonzalez, Alberto Alburquerque, Robbie Weinhardt, Adam Wilk and Jose Ortega

For the Phillies - Kyle Kendrick, Eddie Bonine, Dan Meyer, Danys Baez and Mike Zagurski

Tigers lineup Rhymes 4, Raburn 7, Peralta 6, Kelly 3, Strieby dh, Avila 2, Thomas 8, Dirks 9, Ciriaco 5. Oliver p.

Phillies lineup Rollins SS, Polanco 3B, Ibanez LF, Howard 1B, Francisco RF, Victorino CF, Brown DH, Schneider C, Barfield 2B.

Info for the home game, which will have no media coverage, is behind the jump.

Blue Jays at Tigers, Lakeland

Time: 1:05pm

Pitchers: Jacob Turner vs. Ricky Romero

Also scheduled to pitch for the Tigers: Brad Thomas, John Bale, Brayan Villarreal and Fu-Te Ni

For the Blue Jays: Zach Stewart, David Purcey, Wilfredo Ledezma, Jesse Carlson and Mike Hinckley

Tigers lineup Jackson 8, Boesch 7, Ordonez 9, Cabrera dh, Martinez 2, Inge 5, Santiago 6, Sizemore 4, Thorman 3. Turner p

Jason Beck tweeted that Nick Castellanos, Drew Smyly, and Daniel Fields should also get into this game.